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Construction started in 2600 BC


World Heritage Site


Can you solve the mystery?



Situated on the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a mysterious monument that has stood for approximately 5,000 years. A world-famous fixture of English Heritage, you can’t help but become filled with awe when you see it.

Stonehenge is quite a journey from London, so the best way to get there is definitely by coach; either as part of a more extensive tour (visit a few English landmarks in one day) or simply as a morning or afternoon trip. Whatever you choose, a visit to the UK would not be complete without a trip to Stonehenge.

An icon of England, Stonehenge has been investigated, speculated about, studied and imagined for many, many years and some scientists believe we will never truly know what it was intended for. Spiritual, archaeological, geological, anthropological, historical and an incredible feat of engineering, there is something here to satisfy all levels of interest. Stonehenge is a focal point during the summer solstice, as the rising sun lines up with the central stones in the structure – a beautiful sight that is recreated in the exhibition inside the Stonehenge visitor centre.

Learn about the thousands of year’s worth of history that lies on the site with an extensive audio guide. From the type of stones used and how they were moved, to habits and traditions of prehistoric people and what the monument might mean, there is so much fascinating information that surrounds this sacred spot.

The visitor centre also has recreations of Neolithic housing, so you can imagine what it might have been like to live 4,500 years ago. The housing has been built using authentic materials and ancient techniques that have been pieced together from evidence of dwellings that were discovered in the Salisbury area.

Inside the visitor centre, experience an amazing 360 degree visual from inside the stone circle. Watch the seasons change and the sun rise and fall during the summer and winter solstice.


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